Friday, March 4, 2016

Family Friday: Davis/Tomlinson?

Have I identified someone correctly in one of our family photos? There's no information about this unknown "severe looking woman" in our notes.

[Courtesy of Olive Slater-Kennedy]

But I just looked again at a photograph originally added to Florence Josephine Davis (1851-1932), the wife of my maternal third great uncle, Albert Ross Tomlinson (1847-1923) in the (public) Harvey Family Tree on and I think it's her!

We know that my grandfather Harry Allen Slater, his brother Pete and his sister Opal all went to Severy School in Greenwood County, Kansas, with Florence and Albert's youngest son Denver (1889-1968) in 1901-1902 while Albert was an officer of the school.

[Harvey Family Tree / michaelharvey173]

What do you think?

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  1. Well, maybe. I would not have called her severe though, sad maybe. She has kind eyes.