Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Drive: Tow Truck, Tide Coming In

The Curreys bought their first trailer in 1938 when finding a place to park for the night was more of an individual endeavor and over the years that attitude (coupled with their ingrained reluctance to spend money) led them to have a number of unconventional camp sites on our way to and from Oregon.*

That's how we came to stay in a field surrounded by old beached fishing boats just south of Crescent City, California, in the summer of 1958.** Dad loved boats and whenever we were near a harbor, he and I would always visit the docks while Mother cooked dinner.

On this occasion, it was late in the day and the tide was coming in when we came upon this sight. If I recall correctly, everybody involved was waiting for the appearance of a second tow truck. Dad snapped this photo and we went on our way so there's no picture of the ultimate rescue.

[From my personal collection]
I found a vintage postcard from the approximate era.


*If there was any form of officialdom around the site, Dad would always ask permission first, explaining that we were self-contained and would leave no trace of our stay. I don't remember that he was ever refused.
**I was 11 that year.

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  1. Good thing not to be there in 1964, that tidal wave thingy, you remember .....