Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Drive: Curreys + Mehlschaus

This 1956 photo was definitely taken on a Sunday because we're all dressed up for Mass at St. Joseph's Church in Nipomo. The adults are (left to right), Bernice Grenfell Currey, Catherine "Kate" Ontiveros Mehlschau (1912-1996) and her husband Andrew Mehlschau (1900-1970). Standing next to nine-year-old me* are the Mehlschau boys, Richard "Richie" (1944-1975) and Charles "Charlie" (1942-2014).

[From my personal collection]

The Mehlschau's car appears to be a 1955 Ford Customline Fordor Sedan which sold for about $1,845. (It was really Kate's car.)

[1955 Ford Customline Sedans; source:]

*Obviously not appreciating the sun in my eyes.

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