Sunday, March 6, 2016

How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?*

In researching old tractors for my previous post, I came across some great films showing life on the farm "back in the day" which have many scenes of farm machinery in action.

The first two are silent:

[Farming: "Feeding the World" circa 1918 / Neighborhood Motion Picture Service]

[Farmer Miller Goes Into High Gear, 1920s]

Here's a 1939 ad for Farmall tractors:

[FARMALL M H 1930s Sales video]

A 1942 patriotic black farmer on his 40-acre farm in Georgia:

[Henry Browne, Farmer 1942 USDA Farmers' Contributions to War Effort during World War II]

*This is the title of a popular World War I song:

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  1. Great films! I watched them, and watched the ones after them, and got interested in steam tractors and spent hours looking at videos of them and of "traction engines" and steam trucks and didn't get anything else done. Thanks!