Saturday, July 2, 2016

Free Saturday Night Webinar from Legacy Family Tree: "Circles of Triangles? - What Shape is Your DNA?"

Genetic genealogist and microbiology graduate Diahan Southard presents "Circles of Triangles? - What Shape is Your DNA?" (runs 1 hour 42 minutes) from Legacy Family Tree Webinar.

The description:
As we march forward into another year of genetic genealogy much is being discovered about the ways in which we can analyze our autosomal DNA data. There is a hot debate over two seemingly competing ideas: the DNA Circle, or the Triangulation method. The DNA Circle was pioneered by AncestryDNA and relies on small shared segments and complete family trees. The Triangulation method requires a chromosome browser and detailed calculations of shared amounts of DNA. We will cover questions like, Which is the best route to take? Do I need a chromosome browser? How can I use these methods in my own genealogy? Autosomal DNA is an ever changing field, this lecture will cover the latest methods of analysis and interpretation for the non-scientist genetic genealogist.

This webinar is free through July 6.  I recommend subscribing to this site for full access to all their amazing, affordable genealogy webinars.

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