Friday, July 29, 2016

Solomon Hartly Appears in a List of "Journeymen Riggers" Clearing George Hartley and Martin Brown of "False Report"

Well, hello there, Solomon!  I think this definitively shows Solomon and George Hartley were at the very least acquaintances (I suspect they were brothers).  "We, the Subscribers," Philadelphia Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), May 25, 1809, page 4, col. 3.

First day back at work on my brick wall ancestors, and came across this gem.  Look at all the names of fellow "journeymen riggers"!  Love it!   I haven't had time to analyze everything about this yet, but I am certain that it is my 4th great grandfather Solomon Hartley (1775-1815).

Note the Simon Johnson on the list with Solomon.

Solomon's wife was Mary Gwinnup and Simon Johnson's wife was Mary's sister Elizabeth Gwinnup. Solomon Hartly and Simon Johnson were brothers-in-law.

Solomon died sometime in 1815 according to family story, and I have an unsourced death date for Simon Johnson as 11 October 1815 (did they die the same day??).  Simon and Elizabeth's son was early Mormon Joseph Almon Kelting (it is as yet unclear to me why the last name isn't Johnson, but that is JA Kelting's known story among his descendants).  Several descendants of JA Kelting have matched my father at AncestryDNA.

Notice George Hartley's statement at top.

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