Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mary (Gwinnup) Hartley was Administratrix for the Michael Lutz Estate in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

Since the Orphan's Court was involved I am assuming children were involved (obviously).  Was Mary Gwinnup an aunt, sister-in-law, or cousin, or just a good friend/neighbor to Michael Lutz.  Was Michael related to Solomon Hartley?  

More names and relationships to research!  I had not associated a Michael Lutz with Mary Gwinnup, and I wonder what their relationship was?

The location of Michael Lutz's house matches the areas where Solomon Hartley (Mary Gwinnup's husband) was living according to Philadelphia city directories a few years later: 43 Coates' in 1810 - 1811 and then on 49 Browne Street in 1813-1814.  I tried to figure out the general area where these streets were in this post.

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