Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Drive: Near Manuelito, New Mexico

On our way to South Dakota in 1951 we spent several days at Mike Kirk's Trading Post in Manuelito, New Mexico, located on Route 66  just west of Gallup. By that time the original founder of the trading post had been dead for many years and it was owned by John Wall from whom Dad bought several Navajo rugs, one of which is now on display at Marston House here in San Diego. I also still have some of the jewelry we acquired during that stay.

This Navajo family were on their way to shop at the trading post.* Everyone is smiling for the camera.

[From my personal collection]

[August 7, 1956: The Gallup Independent from Gallup, New Mexico · Page 35. Source:]

[Detail from Shell Highway Map of Arizona and New Mexico, 1951. Source: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection]

*According to Dad's recollections, John Wall "had no use" for Navajos once they were able to afford to buy a car because then they could make their purchases in Gallup and were no longer forced to buy goods from him. Since the trading post was actually on railroad right-of-way, not the reservation, Mr. Wall didn't have to conform to federal rules.

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