Saturday, July 23, 2016

Totally Tubalar: DNA.LAND Ethnicity Results for Me Don't Make Sense

I uploaded my own DNA to DNA.LAND yesterday (I've already done my parents).

I think maybe my ethnicity estimate is not quite cooked all the way through.  I'll show my dad and mom's estimates first, and then look at mine.  Does that make any sense?  LOL

Dad's DNA.LAND estimate.  Except for the Ashkenazi I think this is a pretty decent estimate.
Mom's DNA.LAND estimate.  Seems about right given what I know about her pedigree.

And surprise, my estimate!

Does not compute.  I'm 2.1% Tubalar??

Senegal, Kenya, and Japan?  I think that would be cool and all, but shouldn't my parents at least have some amount of those for these to be real?

I'm willing to believe that maybe their calculator went off the rails, and that midpoint between those Senegal and Japan?  Afganistan/Central Asia seems more plausible for me, taking both known pedigree and other ethnicity calculator results.

Well, it made me laugh.  I think I'll go back in a week or so and see if the ethnicity estimate has figured itself out!

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  1. That's rather unbelievable. I'm sure your mother is really your mother, she tells me she was there when you were born. Is this site perhaps unreliable? I would think with all the ancestry and genealogy craze going on, sites would pop up that aren't very well done.

  2. Im quite western and on this site I got the Indus valley, funnily enough I do really see it in my features! However, it is sooo random but really frickin cool if true, would love it to be true. Really hope this site is reliable. However I do see the discrepancy with your results vs your parents.