Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dad Got His First Exact Y-DNA Match on 37 Markers

This TiP report is FamilyTreeDNA's time to the most recent common ancestor predictor tool. Solomon Hartley, my father's 3rd great grandfather, is our earliest known Hartley ancestor. 

And the last name is...Hogan, generally thought of as an Irish surname?

The tester didn't leave any other details as to ancestry or earliest known male ancestor, so I don't know if this represents a Hogan line or if the man was adopted?  So far this doesn't answer any questions as to my dad's Y-DNA.

What I do know is that my father was born a Hartley, his earliest known Hartley was Solomon Hartley (1775-1815), and that his haplogroup is R-M269.  I'm starting to suspect that Solomon Hartley's last name may have originally been something else.

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  1. Hulk Hogan? Your dad is related to Hulk Hogan? I may not fully grasp how this works .......