Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Is for Mothers: Grenfell/Currey

I've already posted several pictures* taken during our visit to the Oregon property owned by Clyde and Lila Redinger and this shot of Mother picking cherries** seems like a good choice for today. As a bonus, I'm including two other slides that were probably taken the same day.

One of the chores the Redingers set their son Tommy had was to help harvest the crop so of course I had to do it too although it looks like I'm eating some of my fruit. But that didn't matter because cherry pickers are paid by the weight of what makes it into the box. I don't recall what our daily quota was but I still remember the correct cherry picking technique.

After the cherries were weighed all the pickers got paid and Clyde gave Tommy and me our share in silver dollars. I think that by the end of our stay I had  made $8!

[All photos from my personal collection]

*If you're interested, you can find them here and here (second to last photo).
**I doubt that Mother was doing this for the money--most likely she planned to make some jam.

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