Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Working on Wednesday: Houston, We Have Parking!

Perhaps it's because of all the construction in the neighborhood, but street parking around here has gotten very tight in the past few months especially in the evening. So much so that when I came home around 10:30 from a Los Tres Reyes party in January the nearest spot I could find was seven blocks away. Now my hood is very safe and I'm physically able to walk that distance (and it wasn't raining at the time) but the situation caused me to hesitate making any plans to be out after dark.

My property is terraced down a canyon with a dead-end alley at its lowest level and there's a cement pad down there where a long-gone garage originally stood and when I first moved here 21 years ago I parked down there all the time. But access to the space was bad and when I traded my old car for the MINI I quit using it because the new car scraped its underside pulling into it. And I never tried it with my new (used) car.

My contractor Dave and I have discussed the solution to this problem for years but last week he made it happen!

Of course this isn't the first time I've celebrated an improved driveway. Here I am in 1948 in front of a freshly poured section of the circle drive in Encanto.

[All photos from my personal collection]

Note the little red car on the left.

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  1. The little red car is still around. Probably the Encato driveway also.