Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Drive: Manuelito, New Mexico, 1951

Here's a picture of 5-year-old me sitting atop an Indian pony during our stay at Manuelito, New Mexico. If my vague recollection of this event is correct, all I did was sit on the horse and wasn't allowed to actually ride around.

Here's the setting for that photo.

And of course I played with the local kids. This little girl was showing me her baby rabbit when Dad snapped the photo.

[All photos are from my personal collection]

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  1. That's pretty special, getting to sit on the pony. The rabbit was probably headed for the dinner table .....

  2. forgot to mention nice saddle blanket and great hogans......

    1. One of those hogans (the darker one) looks like it was made of railroad ties which would have been impregnated with nasty chemicals.