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My Father's Estimated Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups from 23andMe

My father's maternal and paternal haplogroups, according to 23andme.  They seem to be right in line with what I know of his maternal and paternal lines.

The maternal haplogroup is H1, the earliest known ancestor on Dad's maternal line being Ragnhild Olsdotter b 1726 in Sauda, Rogaland, Norway.

According to Wikipedia, this maternal haplogroup is found in approximately 41% of native Europeans, and for subclade H1:
Projected spatial frequency distribution of haplogroup H1
H1 encompasses an important fraction of Western European mtDNA lineages, reaching its local peak among contemporary Basques (27.8%). It also occurs at high frequencies elsewhere in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as in the Maghreb. The haplogroup frequency is above 10% in many other parts of Europe (France, Sardinia, parts of the British Isles, Alps, large portions of Eastern Europe), and above 5% in nearly all the continent.[1] Its subclade H1b is most common in eastern Europe and NW Siberia.[18]
So far, the highest frequency of H1 has been found among the Tuareg inhabiting the Fezzan region in Libya (61%).[19][20] The basal H1* haplogroup is found among the Tuareg inhabiting the Gossi area in Mali (4.76%).[21]
Ancient Guanche (Bimbapes) individuals excavated in Punta Azul, El Hierro, Canary Islands were all found to belong to the H1 maternal subclade. These locally born individuals were dated to the 10th century and carried the H1-16260 haplotype, which is exclusive to the Canary Islands and Algeria.[22]

The paternal haplogroup is R-L48, the earliest known ancestor on this line being Solomon Hartley b 1775 in "Pittsborough", Pennsylvania (of possible Dutch, German, or Polish ancestry).

According to a discussion on the FTDNA message board, R-L48 is largely from the Netherlands area, and also Poland, which is exactly where I'm hovering at concerning Solomon Hartley's general ethnicity anyway!

Family Tree DNA assigns my father the paternal haplogroup R-M269 instead of R-L48.  I'm not sure why the difference?  Haplogroup R-M269 is the most common European Y- chromosomal lineage, according to FTDNA.

I think this is a changing landscape, so these designations can possibly change somewhat as time goes on.

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