Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Working on Wednesday: Lyman Worden (1790 - 1883) Farmer, Soldier

Sometimes a genealogist's dreams come true! Almost exactly 137 years ago a reporter from the Oswego Daily Palladium interviewed my 4X great grandfather Lyman Worden who provided him (and us) with an invaluable account of his life.

Source: NYS Historic Newspapers, Image provided by: SUNY Oswego]

Alas for Lyman's belief that he was descended from Mayflower passengers--Christine debunked this some time ago:
 I found an online text of the genealogy referred to, and they just say his ancestor Peter Worden was a very early ("if not the earliest") settler in Plymouth. There is an official list of Mayflower passengers and Worden is not listed.
Our ancestor was Peter Worden who arrived in New England in 1638 and was the first Englishman to die in Yarmouth that same year.

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