Sunday, April 23, 2017

Memento Mori: James Robert Strait 1949 - 2017

Cousin Jimmy* is the little guy being held up by his half-sister Nancy Lee Peterson (1937-1974), while I'm standing next to Jimmy's half-brother Charles Frederick "Freddie" Peterson, Jr. (1940-2008) in this photo taken sometime in 1950.

[Photo taken on the front lawn of the Currey grandparents' house on 69th Street from my personal collection.]

Jimmy lived across the street and was my most constant playmate until his family moved to Arkansas in 1961 and we lost touch completely. Last year I traced his residence to Virginia and passed the information on to a cousin who had hoped to make contact. This morning I decided to see if there was anything more to learn about him and found this:
James “Jim” Robert Strait, 67, USN, Ret., died suddenly at Lake of the Woods, April 16, 2017. Survivors include a son, two daughters and five grandchildren. 
I shared this sad news with Dad's nephew and his son today.

May you rest in peace Jimmy.

*He was the youngest child of Dad's sister Marguerite and her second husband Roy Strait.

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