Wednesday, April 19, 2017

School Days: Anna Webb Graduates from School in Winnetoon - 1910

These two photographs are to be found on the website of the Winnetoon HIstorical Society in Knox County, Nebraska. My maternal grandmother Anna Webb is the young woman standing on the left.

[Winnetoon Historical Society: Days Gone By]

The text in this picture of the schoolhouse that my grandmother attended explains why the above portrait is captioned 1910 Winnetoon's First 10th Grade since the school only had ten grades.

[Winnetoon Historical Society: School]

And here's what the local Norfolk Weekly News-Journal had to say about the commencement exercises.

[10 Jun 1910, Page 2 - The Norfolk Weekly News-Journal at]

The historical society has a lot of information about Winnetoon's past here.

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