Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Drive: On the Way to San Felipe - 1951

In 1951* the Curreys and Neals drove down to San Felipe for Christmas. On the way they saw this abandoned Buick and stopped to check it out.

[Jimmy Neal inspecting overturned Buick alongside the road to San Felipe.]

San Felipe was a bit less "developed" in 1951.

[Our red truck and the Neals' woodie make it easy to locate their campsite.]

[Dad, Jessie and Jimmie Neal hanging out at San Felipe.]

[Once again the red/black Dodge truck stands out.]

[In this photo it's the woodie you see.]

This photo is labeled "Andys Cave house - Bought Shrimp, Dec. 1951.

[Andy's Cave House, San Felipe.]

And this was the meat market, flies and all.

[All photos from my personal collection]

I was 4½ that Christmas and so I have some vague memories of this trip.

*A paved road to San Felipe had just been completed which is undoubtedly why we went there this year. I think Mother and Dad may have visited that part of Baja California before World War II but this marked the last time we went to Mexico.

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  1. Wow! You were in san felipe 15 years before I was, and even at that late date it seemed very primitive. Did either of your parents speak spanish? As usual, very jealous.