Thursday, April 6, 2017

Updated myOrigins at FTDNA

My mother's update.  Looks about right based on what I know about her background.  This estimate has West Middle East instead of Caucasus, as AncestryDNA predicts.

My dad lost his curious Ashkenazi and got minor Native American.  I still don't know why or who this is reflecting, but he keeps getting Native American in almost every ethnicity estimate, albeit in vanishingly small amounts.  He has known German ancestors, but I think they are being reflected by the British Isles and Southeast Europe instead of West and Central Europe.  Otherwise the estimate falls into line with what I know about his ancestry.

My own update.  The British Isles and Scandinavia are about what I'd expect.  I just didn't get my mom's Iberian Peninsula, instead I have Southeast Europe and East Europe, and also South Central Asia (as opposed to Middle Eastern/Caucasus as my mom gets).  Also Finland, which neither of my parents got.  No super small Native American, as my Dad keeps getting.

My parents and my myOrigins updated ethnicity results are a lot like our Ancestry ethnicity estimates now.

Our overall ethnicity estimates as they were in 2015, using AncestryDNA, Eurogenes K13 at GEDmatch, FTDNA, and DNA.LAND,

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